First, I have to admit our deepest respect for those, who have celebrated with us their thumbs crossed and the forefingers spread despite being deeper into the mud for real the last time – thanks a lot, you rule! And as every year since our restart back in 2003, keeping the quality level as high as possible is our main aim, but it’s more and more difficult to claim it up... But, difficult does not mean impossible, well!?! We’ve almost completed our current billing, preparing and looking forward to another miracle.

Let’s take a look into our top hat, we’ll reveal some of this summers magical secrets right now. If you like Death Metal, you know HYPNOS for sure. We’re quite proud to welcome these Czech grandmasters at our carpet; a massive old school party is absolutely unavoidable. Same effect, different band: Polish expert butchers THE SIXPOUNDER won’t stop their running world invasion by stopping by, enjoy 21st century extreme music at its best! Even more extreme – or rather weird – are the mighty BLACK OUT BEAUTY from Luxembourg. Here reigns chaos, madness and, unsurprisingly, extraordinary musicality. But we’ve got some mellow sounds as well. Remember where it all came from and honour THE NICKAJACKS for praising the true roots. Finest blues rock containing the very energy and spirit without we wouldn’t know anything, folks.

SS 20 will cause a stunning impact, just as the SRBM of the same name would have done – fortunately in a by far healthier matter: In-your-face Punk/HC without frills, no compromise. With a certain resemblance, OLE & THE ORKS add some filthy rock ‘n’ roll and a piece of crust to create their unique explosives. (Re)move your head and bang. If you’re thirsty, meet the desert. BLACK MOOD will be right there, unifying the infinite space above and the magma below – stoner rock and psychedelic doom metal in perfect synthesis.

The whole universe, live at NUKSTOCK – that is what it is all about. Of course we’ll have two more very special contributors to round off all dimensions; you could expect some serious cerebral punch provided by an avant – prog detachment as well as some slapping funkiness to move your noodle again! Just follow our news to get further information very soon. Namaste, b.